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Preventative Pet Care

Preventative care for your pets is incredibly important for their quality and longevity of life.

It’s so important to stay on top of regular well-pet check ups to ensure that your pets are healthy, and any issues that could arise are detected and treated early. This path of preventative care begins with spaying and neutering your pets. It’s also imperative that you vaccinate your pets on schedule to prevent potential diseases and illnesses that can be life threatening, and administer routine flea and tick control medications.

Another facet of preventative care for pets is parasite prevention. Heartworms and intestinal parasites can really wreak havoc on your pet’s health, but these conditions are extremely preventable. Talk to your Perkiomen Animal Hospital veterinarian today about medications that work to prevent these dangerous issues. Our capable staff is ready to help tailor a care plan specific to your pet, helping you plan every step necessary to provide your animal a long and happy life.