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Our goal is to make this transition go as smoothly and comfortably as possible.

End of Life Veterinary Care

A bond formed with a pet is unlike any other.

Here at Perkiomen Animal Hospital, we understand how hard it is to say goodbye to a beloved pet and companion. We work to make end of life decisions you must make for your pet as manageable as possible by offering our expert opinions with genuine compassion. We offer full service home visits for end of life procedures or our staff will comfort you and your pet at our hospital.

How to Determine if Your Pet is in Pain

Sometimes it’s apparent that your pet is suffering or experiencing pain, but other times it can be less obvious. Some signs that your dog or cat may be dealing with pain are more subtle, behavioral signs like strange breathing, panting or gasping, unusual reclusiveness, pickiness about food, and general reluctance to move. Our staff has a great deal of experience helping clients navigate these situations, and we would be honored to help you make decisions about how to best care for your pet.

Caring for an Elderly Pet

As your pet ages, the most important thing you can do is minimize any distress or pain he or she may be experiencing. Consult with your veterinarian to proactively treat any health issues, as undiagnosed problems in elderly pets, if left untreated, can cause rapid deterioration in overall health. It’s also a time when you should surround your pet with all his or her favorite things, toys, etc., making sure bedding is warm, and well cushioned to help with the potential soreness that can stem from a lack of mobility.

Hospice Care for Pets

The goal with beloved pets who are nearing end of life is to make their final days as pleasant as possible. Sometimes that requires administering pain medications, crafting dietary strategies, and in some cases even around-the-clock care. Pet hospice isn’t a place to take your pet, it’s actually a philosophy based on the idea that death is a natural part of life, and that it can be dignified. It’s important when considering this treatment method, that pet owners are careful not to prolong the suffering of their pets because they don’t feel ready to say goodbye.

If this route is a good fit for your family and your pet, our veterinarian staff will instruct you on the ins and outs of the intensive home care strategies necessary for your pet’s specific condition. This option requires a serious commitment from pet owners to work hand in hand with one of our veterinarians to ensure their pet’s last days are lived out comfortably. If you choose this treatment plan, you are assuming the role of primary caregiver for your pet. If you think this is a good option for you and your pet, consult with our team today. We would love to assist you.


Euthanasia is an option that offers a painless and peaceful end for a pet who is suffering or terminally ill. It’s an extremely tough decision to make, but sometimes it is the most humane choice rather than to let your pet’s health deteriorate causing them additional pain. During the procedure, your veterinarian will inject your pet with a sedative followed by another medication. Your pet will experience no awareness of the end of life, as the process is much like undergoing anesthesia. Your veterinarian is the best person to advise you on when euthanasia is appropriate, and that time is generally when the pain and discomfort your pet endures outweighs the enjoyment of life.