Our Facility


At Perkiomen Animal Hospital, we want our clients and pets to be as comfortable as possible. As you enter our hospital we hope you will appreciate our spacious reception area, including a television and children’s play corner. After you and your pet check in, feel free to pick up one of the many educational brochures on pet health while you wait to see the doctor.

Our Client Service Representatives will help check you in, collect any samples or information relevant to your pet and let the doctor know you and your pet have arrived. If you have any questions about when your pet is due for their next appointment or need a refill on monthly flea, tick or heartworm preventative, they will be happy to assist you.

Exam Rooms

We have 6 spacious exam rooms available for our clients and patients. All rooms are equipped with monitors for viewing digital radiography (x-rays), informational packets, instructional models, and free puppy/kitten packs for our first time pediatric patients.


Our pharmacy is stocked with about 90% of the medications we prescribe for our patients. For some less commonly used medications, we may write a prescription that you can have filled at your local pharmacy. Please feel free to ask us about any new medications that you may have read about or heard of.


Our treatment area is the main “hub” of our hospital and nearly all patients come through here, whether it is on the way to having surgery, X-rays, ultrasound, or simply to have a blood sample taken. Because this is such an important area for our doctors and technicians to give our patients the attention and care they deserve, we take great pride in having a large, modern treatment area.

At Perkiomen Animal Hospital, we are very lucky to have an excellent support staff of Certified Animal Health Technicians and Veterinary Assistants to help our doctors provide the most thorough, up-to-date care for our patients. On any given day, the ratio of technical support staff to doctors is at least 2:1.

Some Features of Our Treatment Area:

  • Hydraulic lift table for treatment and transport of our extra large patients
  • Two specialized treatment tables complete with sinks, electrical outlets, overhead lights, built-in vacuum unit, IV fluid poles and oxygen outlets, specifically designed for some of the following uses:
    • Prepping an animal for surgery
    • Stabilizing a critically ill patient
    • Treatment and management of wounds
  • Oxygen convertible cage for patients in respiratory distress
  • Multiple medium, and full-sized cages for patients under continued intensive care, or recovering from surgery
  • 8 dog runs with self heated floors in the large patient wards
  • Direct connections to our X-ray room, surgery suite, dentistry area and patient wards

Diagnostic Imaging

When your veterinarian suspects an internal problem, he may recommend digital radiography and/or an ultrasound to be performed on your pet. While digital radiography help to show us overall size, shape and position of internal structures, ultrasound can be used to give us invaluable information about the three dimensional texture of an organ, or even a beating heart without having to perform invasive surgery.

Dental Suite

Just like humans, our pets need dental care as well. Accumulation of bacteria in the oral cavity can lead to the formation of plaque and tartar. As our pets age, dental tartar continues to accumulate and can lead to serious periodontal disease if left unchecked. This may include tooth loss, painful gums, or even an oral infection that could spread to other parts of the body including the heart, kidneys and liver. Regular dental checkups and/or care is vital in ensuring the long term health of our pets. Dental x-rays also enable us to get more specialized radiographs of your pet’s teeth and mouth.


As with our treatment area, we take great pride in having a spacious, well equipped, modern surgery suite. A full range of anesthetic monitoring equipment increases our patients’ safety while under anesthesia. We perform all major orthopedic and soft tissue surgeries.

Some Features of Our Surgery Suite:

  • Two fully adjustable surgery tables with internal temperature control option
  • Two anesthesia machines equipped with the following additional equipment:
    • Pulse oximeters monitor a patient’s pulse and blood oxygen content
    • Respiratory analyzers monitor a patient’s depth of respiration and content of expired oxygen and carbon dioxide
    • Blood pressure monitoring
  • Electrocautery unit allows cutting and/or coagulation of small tissues and blood vessels
  • Suction unit allows rapid removal of potentially harmful buildup of body cavity fluids


Our laboratory contains all standard equipment and machines necessary for routine blood chemistry analysis, microscopic evaluation of cytology and fecal samples, skin scrapings and other common tests. More extensive tests, including biopsies and endocrine function testing, are sent to a nearby laboratory.


Our hospital provides boarding in our clean, up-to-date, well–ventilated kennel. Pets are hand walked outside several times a day in a fenced in area. We maintain a strict “no flea” policy and check for fleas before admitting any animal to our kennel. Any pet deemed to have fleas will be treated and normal charges incurred. Pets must be up-to-date on the following vaccines: rabies, dhlpp, bordetella and canine influenza. These vaccines must be done prior to boarding. Canine pets staying 7 nights or longer will be given a complimentary bath. It is highly recommended that all pets be bathed before leaving the kennel. Admission and discharge from the kennel are done during regular hospital hours. In addition, pets may also be checked out on Saturday evenings between 5:30-6:00 PM and Sundays, 8:30-9:00 AM and 5:30-6:00 PM.